Brand Odyssey

brandOdyssey in conjunction with Real Ethnography have developed a unique and powerful innovation tool called Anthropate
- Living Innovation. Anthropate is a unique, innovative and powerful way to create products that consumers want, desire and need.

We use specialised filming, ethnographic and motivational depth techniques to create and illustrate innovation pathways based on real consumer behaviour and deep desires.

The presentations to clients use a unique and powerful documentary-style presentation that can be disseminated through your entire organisation and into boardrooms.

Click here to be directed to our specialised anthropate site for further information. The site contains footage of Anthropate in action.

At brandOdyssey, your future is an idea.

We are often engaged in research whereby the client has a concept (or several concepts) that are yet to be executed. At brandOdyssey we use our specialised and innovative consumer group techniques not only to ‘evaluate’ these concepts but to bring them to life using the sub-conscious consumer imagination.

Contact us for further information as to how we can use consumers to help you bring your concept or idea to life using consumers as our inspiration.

At brandOdyssey your future is an idea.

The online, TV, print and radio mediums create a hyper-real world for the consumer. All advertising in these mediums occurs within a hyper-real space. These mediums are better suited to creating overarching brand image, social identity, and personality cues for the brand or product in question.

When evaluating advertising ideas destined for these hyper-real mediums, we measure and understand specific communication issues relevant to those mediums.

There are differences even within these hyper-real mediums. With TV we can create emotional imprints. Online we have the opportunity to acknowledge and engage the consumer, in print we have the opportunity to inform.

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In our considerable experience, packaging needs to convey imagined real experience of using or consuming a product.

Consumers interact with packaging (or even outdoor advertising) within a real world environment. Packaging cannot and does not create hyper-reality but rather reinforces the real but imagine experience.

At brandOdyssey we use innovative and effective methods to understand, evaluate to provide specific and constructive feedback on all packaging concepts and executions.

At brandOdyssey, your future is an idea.

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We often receive calls from clients wishing to know why their brands are not performing as expected, why a relaunch has not been successful, why the brand is experiencing slow and agonising decline, why an entire category is changing or in decline.

Our experience and insight into these matters are second to none. We are also finding that there are many sub-conscious reasons as to why brands, products and entire categories experience problems. At brandOdyssey we offer an inimitable diagnostic and repair service that examines almost every aspect of your ailing brand or product. We recommend specific remedies and solutions required to reignite the consumer relationship with your product. We delve deep into the consumer psyche to understand their relationship with your brand and product.

At brandOdyssey, your future is an idea.

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brandOdyssey has inimitable specialisation in providing quantitative motivational needs segmentation and mapping. This is a powerful tool that segments the needs underlying any category in order to understand your brand position within the total category. This is an ideal tool for category management and portfolio strategy.

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